About Imara

Imara is an independent specialist service that supports children, young people and their family following disclosure or discovery of child sexual abuse. Our referrals are received directly from the local paediatric sexual assault referral centre, the East Midlands Children and Young People’s Sexual Assault Service. We are the chosen provider of therapy for all children under 12 and some young people aged 13-18 in Nottingham City, and we specialise in familial abuse. We also support our clients from a legal and advocacy perspective with our CHISVA service (Children and Young People’s Independent Sexual Violence Advisor). 

Imara aims to promote the recovery of children, young people and their families affected by child sexual abuse, by offering early intervention in the form of: 

  • Access to pre-trial therapy
  • Specialist risk and needs assessment, and referral to appropriate support and services
  • Impartial and accurate information, support and consistent contact throughout the judicial process
  • Support with education, health, housing and financial concern

In line with specialising in familial abuse, wherever appropriate we work with children and young people within their family unit, empowering them to access and use the resources they have within themselves and their family in order to overcome the trauma and thrive going forward. This includes working not only with the children and young people we are referred, but also their safe family members, including parents, carers, siblings and grandparents for whom a disclosure or discovery that sexual abuse has been occurring within their family and home can have profound and severe impacts and so support is understandably often required.

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How you can help us

We rely heavily on fundraising and donations to deliver the service that we offer. You can help support Imara by donating money, volunteering, attending fundraising events or organising your own. For more information on fundraising for Imara, visit our fundraising section or contact us at info@imara.org.uk for a fundraising pack. 

If your company operate a ‘charity of the year’ scheme or looking for a voluntary organisation to support, please email us at info@imara.org.uk and let us know how we can be put forward for selection.