Our Values

As Imara we value

Compassionate Commitment: responding with empathy and walking alongside others even in the toughest times

Acceptance: listening, appreciating people as they are, and welcoming the whole person

Seeking Justice: removing taboos by engaging with the reality of child sexual abuse honestly and supporting others to do the same

Creative Empowerment: exploring possibilities together to cultivate the potential and strength in all of us

Holding Our Ground: standing firm for the things we believe in

As Imara we believe:

  • Abuse is never okay and never the fault of the child
  • Children have the right to be and feel safe, to be listened to and to be believed in
  • No one should have to face their past or their problems alone, the voice of the survivor is expert
  • Support should be there when the survivor is ready, provided at their pace, and last as long as needed – no waiting
  • Recovery from trauma is possible and holistic, specialist and creative therapies work
  • Talking about sexual abuse is not shameful, ignoring it is – talking enables us to tackle it
  • Child sexual abuse occurs in every community and the whole of society suffers – there is a cost to all of us
  • Everyone has a responsibility to tackle child sexual abuse