9 Steps to Holding your Own Pub Quiz Fundraising Event

This past Monday we held a pub quiz fundraiser. This was our first time holding a pub quiz, and we were so pleased with how it went! We had a really good turnout as you can see from the photos, got lots of great feedback from people that came, and raised £111.08 which is certainly not to be sniffed at for an event that only cost £20 to organise! It went so well that we may even be holding some more in the future…

We thought we would share the steps we took to organising the pub quiz, to act as a resource for anyone else who may want to hold one as a charity event

1. Venue

The first step for us was to figure out where we would hold the quiz. Our friends over at The Maze agreed we could hold it there on a weeknight after we successfully collaborated with them to hold our fundraising gig there last summer.

Priorities for choosing your venue: a pub or bar in an accessible location that does not already hold its own regular pub quiz, that has a microphone and sound system and a reasonably sized space with tables and chairs, and will offer you the venue for a competitive price or for free!

2. Host

Next we approached a few people we knew who have experience hosting pub quizzes. Unfortunately none of them were available to host for us, but if you can find someone they will likely come with their own set-up and quiz questions, which will save you time in the next steps!

However it worked out really nicely having members of our team hosting, as it gave the event a really personal feel, and allowed us the flexibility to organise our own questions which could be specific to Imara: the music round spanned the last 7 years as that is how long Imara has been running for, and one round was on internet slang and text chat, which was a fun round for everyone to play but also provided an opportunity to raise some awareness of how we see these in cases where the young people we work with have been groomed via texts etc.

3. Date

It is no easy task picking a date for your pub quiz! We went with a Monday night due to availability with the venue, and this did not conflict with any other popular pub quizzes in the area. When the day came we were on the back foot due to some adverse rainy weather, but luckily that didn’t seem to cause too much of a problem

4. Gear

Luckily The Maze were able to provide us with all of the necessary gear for us to host the event, but it is best to think about this earlier rather than later in case your venue isn’t as well equipped as it could easily get costly at the last minute. Things you need: A microphone and sound system, a way to play music in the breaks, a selection of chairs and tables for all the teams, pens and question sheets.

5. Write the quiz!

The next big job was to write our quiz. Luckily our play therapist Christy and trainee ISVA Zoe who would be hosting on the night were happy to take on this task with the help of a couple of friends who wouldn’t be coming to the quiz. They wrote 6 rounds of 10 questions, as well as a visual round, which worked out just about right timewise for the whole event to last about 3 hours (7-10pm).

There are lots of resources on the internet to help you with questions and themes for each round if you’re stuck for ideas, but the more creative and original you can be, the more fun for your guests, and the more likely they will go away telling people about how great your pub quiz was! Don’t forget to prepare question sheets and print plenty off. It’s also worth thinking about how you will mark the quiz on the night, as it can be done differently. We had teams swap sheets with the table next to them as we went through the answers (lots of “I told you so”s and groans of “oooooh I did know that!”s)and then collected in all the sheets to check the marking and scores before announcing winners. Another thing to think about is how you will solve a tiebreaker situation – if two teams score the same, it is good to be prepared with a mini game or bonus question to decide who will take home the 1st prize. Questions where the answer is a specific hard to guess number are good as the teams will give you different answers and one will inevitably be closer to the correct answer.