A day in the Life of Imara's Director

A typical eventful day here at Imara, started with arriving into work in the snow to find that our new table had arrived (funded by Crowdfunding), first job of the day to take out old tables (Christy and I using our furniture removal skills) and put new table together with April’s help and then wrestle the recycling into the wheelie bin!

Met John from Gem @cashforkids, who had arrived to film myself and Christy talking about how much the donation from cashforkids has been appreciated. It has allowed us to provide a wellbeing bag to every child and teenager who comes to Imara. This has a notebook for doodling or writing a diary in, aromatherapy oils to help with sleep and reducing stress and anger, a fidget cube or stress ball and a bracelet. I loved watching Christy talk about her work, reminds me that we must find time in the team to share our skills and keep learning from each other.

Then just time to grab a drink and head upstairs to meet Zoe our clinical supervisor and have an hour’s supervision with her-a much needed space to talk about my work and gain another perspective on things.

A quick look at emails, make a couple of phone calls and check in with staff and then an afternoon spent in therapy sessions with two clients. Enjoying the additions to our therapy rooms-new lamps and a lovely colourful rug, which both bring warmth and comfort to the room.

Out again in the snow at the end of the day to pick up our lovely new chairs, previously owned by a belly dancing teacher! I was then able to put them up with our new table, just in time for the last event of the day, to join with Imara Trustees for our monthly board meeting.

A busy board meeting, greeting our latest new Trustee Loyin and updating the Trustees with all our month’s activities. Very grateful to all our volunteers who along with the staff and most importantly our clients make this the most fulfilling and fascinating job that I could wish for.


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