AAPG Survey for Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse


At the bottom of this page, there is a direct link to a survey for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) created the survey in an attempt to provide the Government with a true picture of the views of survivors of childhood sexual abuse. It was created in response to the Government’s new Victim Strategy and explores survivors’ experiences of support services and the criminal justice system.


If you find any of the survey content distressing, there are a number of support services local to Nottingham that you can reach, should you feel you want to speak to someone.


Notts SVSS - 0115 941 0440

ISAS Nottinghamshire – 0115 824 0314

SHE Nottinghamshire – 01623 622 916

Lucy Faithful, Stop it now – 0808 1000 900


There are also a number of self-help and grounding techniques on our website which you can find here.


Link to Survey: https://goo.gl/forms/K1JGUFZ27cYX2gfF3

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