Day 1 - Bullock Smithy Hike

All up bright and early and the moral of the group is good. We take off at 8.20 and head off into the peaks to start our challenge. I think some (matt) are over dressed as the chest is revealed to the world. We are greeted two hours in with stunning views over the countryside and it's making it all worthwhile. We are doing great for time and everyone is in good spirits. The sounds of chatting and laughing from each of us is a good sign not forgetting about a scream from Matt as he has a splinter and not a severe break but best quote is do we have any tweezers on us.

We have hit the pennine way now and it's a gradual but hard ascent up to the highest peak in the peak district. This starts to show in our pace slowing down but we crack on and then eventually hit the top and experience some of the most beautiful views i have witnessed. We pick up pace again and head down the other side which is called Jacobs ladder. Sensible people walk we don't. We run it like kids lol. At the bottom we sit on an ancient stone bridge and take photos and have a drink. We have reached 15 miles and have 3 left. We all question if we have done the right route as we have done amazingly well for time. But we know we have.

We turn up at our second campsite to Simon cooking us a beef stew and barbecue chicken to our delight. Our campsite is in the Edale valley surrounded by mountains. First day smashed in 7 hours and all ready for what lies ahead on day two.

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