Friends of Imara: our new Volunteers Group

We are very lucky at Imara that we have a handful of amazing people who always passionately support us. From regularly holding events and completing challenges to raise money, donating children’s toys, books and soft furnishings for our clients to enjoy, responding to and sharing all of our social media posts, attending and donating to all of our fundraising events and projects, to just generally being incredible and supportive. These people know who they are and hopefully know how much we appreciate them.

However we also want the experience of supporting and volunteering for Imara to be as rewarding and enjoyable as possible for them. With this in mind, we have organised a volunteer meeting on the 14th March and have been busy inviting all of the people we think may be interested. We are hosting by providing refreshments (and probably some sweet treats!) but are hoping to empower our volunteers to make it their own; they can chair the meeting, propose and discuss whatever ideas they want to, and hopefully organise future meetings whenever they want. We know how motivated and go-getting our regular supporters are and can’t wait to see the amazing ideas they come up with and things they achieve once they are all in touch with each other.

To facilitate the volunteer group, we have also set up a Facebook group called Friends of Imara. This is linked to our public Facebook page but is closed and entirely private – people have to apply to be a member and only members can see what gets posted, so hopefully it feels fairly secure and a safe space to share ideas and chat to each other. We will be using this group to post about upcoming volunteer meetings, but also things that don’t require as much commitment, for example:

  • if we have a fundraiser coming up and could do with some one-off help (e.g. selling raffle tickets, or holding a donation bucket at events like the Hockley Hustle)
  • to see if anyone can donate some things we need that aren’t money (e.g. if anyone has any spare wood/pallets or other nice things for the garden, or large bean bags for our new sensory therapy room)
  • advertise volunteers we are looking for (e.g. volunteer gardener to maintain the garden once it is finished, or anyone who could come once a week, fortnight or monthly to spring clean the office)
  • share opportunities we have come across and ideas anyone could get involved in (e.g. Localgiving’s Local Hero Competition).

As our community of friends and volunteers grows, we hope the Facebook group will become a thriving hub of activity, everyone sharing ideas and working together to do amazing things for Imara and the children and families we work with. We are also hoping to use the Friends of Imara group to show how much we appreciate our supporters, and have a few ideas in the pipeline for a thank you event in the future!

If you think you may be interested in joining our Friends of Imara Facebook group, please do! Even if you aren’t sure you have anything to contribute right now but just want to keep yourself updated in case something pops up in the future that you can help with or want to get involved in. You can find the group here.

Alternatively follow our Facebook page here if you haven't already.

And if you are interested in attending our volunteer meeting, or finding out more to maybe join us for one in the future, please contact us here.

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