International Women's Day 2018

Today is International Women’s Day, and we at Imara thought we’d all take the day to join in with their #PressforProgress campaign. We decided to set ourselves pledges to change our own behaviour and attitudes and work towards gender parity.


Read our pledges below:

Alice Hibbert, Project Co-ordinator: “I pledge to try and always notice and challenge when a woman is being held to a higher standard than a man would be”.

Zoe Kukan, Trainee ISVA: “I pledge that I will always try to acknowledge the achievements or success of fellow women, including those I don’t know personally. I will try to see the best in all women, and make a huge effort never to dampen anyone else’s flames in order to brighten my own”.

Joe Saukuru, Intern: “I pledge to never allow everyday sexism to go unchallenged; sexism is no less serious than racism or homophobia and should not be trivialised.”

Aaron, member of our Friends of Imara Volunteer Group "I pledge to challenge my friends when they make sexist jokes, and try to encourage them to be less hateful or stereotyping towards feminists by being calling myself one and being proud to talk about the reasons why"


Would you like to set yourself a pledge to work on until next International Women's Day? Here are a few more ideas:

Pledge to compliment and give credit to the women you work and study with when they have done well, to help them continue growing in confidence and striving to achieve more

Pledge to ask why if you are taking part in or attending a conference and find there are many more male speakers than female

Pledge to encourage the women around you to be brave and willing to take risks and make mistakes, rather than feel pressure to be perfect 


We'd love to hear about your pledge if you have made one - let us know on twitter here!

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