Introducing our Month of Self-Care with Imara

Every day of April, we will be releasing a self-help resource or self-care idea on our Facebook page (click here) and our Twitter (click here). 

We have worked hard to make the month suitable and accessible for everyone – each resource and idea is either completely free or easily affordable to do with things you already have around the house. For the most part, each day’s idea is also appropriate for all ages, from young teens to elderly adults – some days are also suitable for very young children so you can share and enjoy them with your kids or younger siblings. While each idea and resource has come from our work supporting children, young people and families who have experienced sexual abuse, they are not specific to that – many of the resources are about managing mental health generally, regulating big emotions like stress and anger, improving self-worth and self-care habits, and so hopefully there is something in the month that could appeal to everyone from any background.  We have tried to plan the month so you can easily follow along and try out the new idea each day. However self-care is an individual learning process so you may find not every resource or idea is useful for you or something you want to do, and that is absolutely okay! Try the ones you want, keep using the ones that work for you, and pass them on to others that may benefit.

There are several reasons we are doing this month of self-care:

1. To benefit everyone, encouraging us all to reflect upon self-care and build upon current resources to improve wellbeing

In the words of Cath, our director “Imara is a Swahili word meaning strength and empowerment and this lies at the heart of our service for victims and survivors of child sexual abuse. Our self-care month is about offering suggestions to everyone on how to build resources and inner strength, through these small every day ideas. As we build resources we also reduce stress and trauma for ourselves, so it is a win-win situation.

2. To develop our self-help section on our website.

Currently our self-help section is fairly limited with only 3 articles. However we have already received so much positive feedback about how people have used those resources and found it really useful having them there always accessible. So we really want to develop this section of our website so it can be even more useful for people in the future. Every idea will be available permanently after April is over from the self-help section on our website (click here).

3. To raise awareness of what we do at Imara

As Cath explains “Some of the ideas that you will see over the month come from suggestions from young people, from our trauma experts and from our own developing experience of working with amazing resourceful children and families at Imara.”

We know how much everyone enjoys an insight into the therapeutic process that we offer and work through with our clients, and we want to give that insight. We also know how that insight can help people to understand the effects of child sexual abuse and the reason why Imara exists and is needed. We hope that this month of self-care will appeal to people from all walks of life who can enjoy and benefit from the resources, but may also hopefully lead them to learn a little about child sexual abuse and Imara, and maybe even become supporters for the future.

4. In honour of World Health Day

The 7th April is World Health Day and the theme this year is ““Universal Health Coverage: everyone, everywhere”. This is promoting the need for everyone to have access to healthcare regardless of their background and without facing financial hardship for it. Mental healthcare and wellbeing support are often seen as a luxury, above and beyond the physical healthcare that everyone is entitled to. We disagree, knowing first-hand how the therapeutic process and the journey to recovery is long and difficult, and that there are not enough services and sources of support available for everyone in need. We want to change this. That’s why we want to share the everyday techniques and ideas that use with our clients and ourselves and make mental health support and self-care more accessible to everyone.


So join us for a month of exploring and considering new ways to take care of yourself and your wellbeing! Be sure to like and follow our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter so you don’t miss any of the days, help us make as many people as possible aware of the month with the hashtag #SelfCareWithImara, and please share any of the resources or ideas you think are good so they can reach the people who may need them!



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