World Book Day 2018


To celebrate World Book Day 2018, we at Imara thought we’d share what our favourite books are to join in the celebration of reading, especially as it is such as an easy way to reduce stress!

Cath Wakeman, our Director, chose “Little House in the Big Woods” by Laura Ingalls Wilder as her favourite children’s book. It’s the first book of Wilder’s ‘Little House on the Prairie’ series, and tells the story of Laura and her family as they live in a log cabin in the woods during the 1800s. For adults, Cath picked “The Grapes of Wrath” by John Steinbeck, which follows the Joad family as they travel from Oklahoma to California during the Great Depression in search of a brighter future.

Our Finance Manager, April Chung, picked two books which her children enjoyed greatly; “The Gruffalo” by Julia Donaldson, the story of a clever mouse as he ventures through the woods, and “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle, which follows a hungry caterpillar as he eats more and more to try and appease his appetite.

Next, Alice Hibbert, our Project Co-ordinator, picked “The Shock of the Fall” by Nathan Filer as her favourite book, which won the Best First Novel Award at the Costa Book Awards 2014.  It tells the story of a young man with schizophrenia, as he handles both his mental health and guilt over events in his childhood.

Finally, our intern Joe Saukuru chose “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” by Mark Haddon as his favourite book. Haddon’s 2003 novel tells the story of Christopher Boone, a teenage boy on the autistic spectrum, as he attempts to solve the murder of his neighbour’s dog.

We often get donated books for our waiting area – clients and their families can sometimes spend a lot of time in this area during this time with us. We are so grateful for any of these donations and we love seeing the children (and adults) reading and playing whilst there; it’s the small contributions like this that make Imara such a warm and welcoming place for our clients.

Happy World Book Day!


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