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thumbnailScott Browett

Fundraising Volunteer

Likes: walking
Dislikes: negative people

Why I chose to volunteer with Imara:
The question is why wouldn't I. I've been raising money for about 10 years now for different charities by setting myself a challenge. I came into contact with Imara around 4 years ago now and what started out as a one off ended with me staying true to them and putting all my focus and energy into raising as much money, as much awareness about sexual abuse and as much awareness of how people who were once drug users can turn it around and do really great things. It's really hard to describe what it feels like for me to help such an awesome charity like Imara out but what I can say is it fulfills my soul and feeds my spirit. I will put myself through severe challenges that at times I question my craziness and then I remember why I'm doing it and it all makes sense. Bless Imara.


thumbnailHope Coats

 Fundraising Volunteer & Advocate/Campaigner

Likes -Dancing, my garden and my campervan
Dislikes - running out of tea!

What do I do as a volunteer with Imara? I have been involved in fundraising for Imara, I shaved my hair off and have sold raffle tickets. I have also spoken with them to safeguarding boards, and helped deliver training for schools inset days/staff training.

Why do I volunteer for Imara? They are a unique service, and the work they do with children who have suffered sexual abuse is invaluable, as is the training they offer to schools, in equipping them with knowledge on what behaviours may be a warning sign and how to respond when a child does disclose sexual abuse.
They absolutely believe in the futures of all the children they work with and that can make a huge difference to a child, as well as being in a place where they are being heard, understood and can feel cared for.


thumbnailMarina Gregoriou

Admin Volunteer - CHISVA Service

Likes: gardening and knitting 
Dislikes: rude people and aubergines

I moved to the United Kingdom in 1970 from Cyprus and lived in Huddersfield until I married and moved to Nottingham in 1978.

I worked for Social Services for about 3 years and then left when I had my children helping to run our own business for 30 years

I have worked for the Safeguarding Children Team since 2003, as a secretary firstly based at the Children’s Centre City Hospital and then moved to the QMC in 2009 based in Children’s Clinic South. We then moved in 2018 to the new East Midlands Children and Young Persons Suite still based within the QMC

Why I chose to volunteer at Imara: Because I like to help out. I already work within child protection so I thought I have the relevant skills and experience to help Imara in my free time.


thumbnailCara Squires

 Fundraising Volunteer

Likes: Live music
Dislikes: milk.

Why I have chosen to volunteer with Imara: I started laising with Imara through my work, and I have seen first-hand the immensely positive impact Imara’s therapists have on children, young persons and their families. They have provided support, activities and built networks with families and professionals in Nottingham, and I want Imara to continue to be able to offer their services to those in need. Therefore, I have chosen to work with and raise money for Imara so that they can carry on creating positive change and opportunities for individuals and their families who have experienced trauma.



Premises Volunteer & Advocate/Campaigner

Likes: I like experimenting with food (making chocolates and desserts) and I love going out to take photos. 
Dislikes : Raisins

What I have done/am doing at Imara :
- Sorted out and re-arranged the family and children's waiting areas with my friend’s help.
- Imara and fundraising leaflet drops.
- Currently working on a photography project with Imara.

Why I chose to volunteer at Imara:
I was offered a project to showcase some of my photographs to raise funds for Imara - This interested me as I use photography, poetry and art to express myself and my feelings. I am a survivor of domestic abuse and I used to find it difficult to talk about my experiences - photography helped me in my healing and also gave me the opportunity creatively express the story of abuse and the effects it can have on a person. I want others to know that the road to recovery is not an easy one but it is possible and there are better days ahead!  *hope*

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