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Our Impact

Imara empowers children and families to move forward from the impacts of sexual abuse. 

We believe recovery from trauma is possible. 

Every child has the right to be and feel safe. Support should be there for survivors when they are ready, provided at their pace, for as long as is needed. 

Since Imara was founded in 2011, we have worked with more than 900 children and young people from more than 800 families across Nottinghamshire that have been affected by sexual abuse.  

We deliver: 

Therapy services: trauma-informed, evidence-based, BACP accredited, following the Crown Prosecution’s S Pre-Trial Therapy Guidelines, offered in a range of creative arts psychotherapeutic approaches well suited to children

Nottinghamshire CHISVA service: providing independent information, support and advocacy throughout the police investigation and criminal justice process

Family support: psychoeducation and practical support for carers, therapy for safe family members also affected by grooming and abuse

Sleep and Anxiety service – specialist and tailored support to reduce acute trauma symptoms

Mentoring scheme: one-to-one support from vetted and trained volunteers to look forward explore opportunities and goals for their future

Group work – sexual violence recovery toolkit, and opportunities to participate in co-production and feedback for service design and improvements

Self-help resources – website and social media, free videos and guides to manage trauma symptoms in daily life such as techniques for grounding from panic attacks and flashbacks

CPD Accredited Training and Consultation for Professionals: improving response to response to child sexual abuse across the board, supporting all professionals to confidently and safely handle disclosures, safeguard children and young people, and support survivors in a trauma-informed way

Have a look at what some of our clients and their family members and carers have to say about the work we do at Imara:

We would be lost without Imara’s ongoing support. We honestly feel Imara have prevented out family unit from breaking down and we will be forever grateful.

[Imara] helped me loads with understanding that it is not my fault with what happened to me
Young Person

Over the 1 and half years I have found Imara really helpful and supporting and I’m glad that I was referred to them for support
Young Person

I just think it’s been great support for her. I couldn’t do it by myself as she needed someone out of the inner circle to talk to. I feel I have got my child back

The service is fantastic. People with trauma need [Imara] and they deserve every penny they get. I would probably be dead if they weren’t around. I don’t think I could have coped without you

Thank you for the time you have given me to get through my trauma
Young Person

How you can help us

We rely heavily on fundraising and donations to deliver the service that we offer. You can help support Imara by donating money, volunteering, attending fundraising events or organising your own. For more information on fundraising for Imara, visit our fundraising section or contact us for a fundraising pack. 

If your company operate a ‘charity of the year’ scheme or are looking for a voluntary organisation to support, please email us at info@imara.org.uk and let us know how we can be put forward for selection.