Rights of Women, a young persons guide

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About the authors

Rights of Women aims to achieve equality, justice and respect for all women.

Rights of Women advises, educates and empowers women by:

  • Providing women with free, con dential legal advice by specialist women solicitors and barristers
  • Enabling women to understand and bene t from their legal rights through accessible and timely publications and training
  • Campaigning to ensure that women’s voices are heard and law and policy meets all women’s needs
  • For more information about Rights of Women check www.rightsofwomen.org.uk

The Haven Paddington, at St Mary’s Hospital, is one of 3 Havens in London. The Havens are Sexual Assault Referral Centres providing specialist forensic, medical and aftercare support services. Women, men and children who have been sexually assaulted or raped can access the service 24 hours a day.

Follow up care such as the young person’s support clinic, sexual health check ups and counselling services are available from 9am to 5pm on weekdays.

All Haven staff have been especially trained to care for and support people who have been sexually assaulted and can also give advice over the phone. The Havens are NHS services and free of charge.