Pre-pubescent children with sexual behaviour problems

An introductory course for professionals and carers working with children and their families, identifying the difference between appropriate and problematic sexual behaviour in children can be difficult. Often, assumptions are based on work with adults or adolescents and these fail to address the specific issues associated with pre-pubescent children.

This one-day workshop explores how to make an initial evaluation as to whether a child’s sexual behaviour is age expected or problematic and whether further intervention may be required. It will be of interest to social workers, carers, therapists, teachers, health professionals, guardians and other practitioners.

Over the course of the day you will look at the causes of sexual behaviour problems and will help you identify:

  • When a child’s sexual behaviour is of concern
  • When further advice, assessment or intervention is required.

This course will assist professionals who need to undertake or contribute to initial and core assessments, Section 47 investigations and specialist assessments. It will also help those involved in constructing and implementing child protection and care plans.

Carers and teachers responsible for such children will also benefit.

Course aims

With a background working with children with inappropriate sexual behaviours, our facilitators will explore:

  • The difference between age-expected and harmful sexual behaviours
  • How and why pre-pubescent children develop sexual behaviour problems
  • Some of the common facts and myths in such work
  • When specialist assessment and intervention is needed
  • What works?
  • Key issues for therapeutic care, managing risk and meeting need
  • Issues, dilemmas and advice about accessing appropriate services.